*NEW* Single Serve Pour Over Drip Bag 100% Kona Coffee - 10 ct.

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A box of 10 single serve pour over 100% Kona coffee drip bags.  Each single serve pour over drip package contains 10 grams of 100% Kona coffee.  Perfect for when you're on the go, to share with family and friends, or simply to enjoy a premium cup of 100% Kona coffee at home without the hassle.  Just add hot water and pour to taste!

Each package contains our Private Reserve 100% Kona Coffee which is a combination of our excellent Estate 100% Kona Coffee beans with a generous added measure of Peaberry 100% Kona Coffee beans for a smooth taste that’s simply sublime.  This grade of coffee has won ten top-3 awards, including four 1st place finishes, at the annual Kona Coffee Cultural Festival Cupping Competition (see the awards HERE) and is easily our best seller!  The recommended roast profile for this coffee is Medium.

All of our 100% Kona coffee is independently certified by the Hawaii Department of Agriculture, Quality Assurance Division for origin and grade (quality).  Read why here. Be careful of deceptive labeling!  Drink our certified 100% Kona coffee and taste the difference in every cup!

All sales are custom roast to order ensuring that you receive the freshest single serve pour over 100% Kona Coffee possible.  We won't roast your beans until you order your coffee!  Free domestic Priority Mail shipping on all orders over $65!  International shipping options also available.

Our service is rated 4.7 out of 5.  We have 550+ independently verified reviews.  Read the reviews here.


Single Serve Drip Bag 100% Kona Coffee

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